Custom logic, no coding required

Apilio brings all your IFTTT-connected services and devices to the next level.

You can daisy-chain applets to create custom routines that can use multiple triggers, multiple actions and delays.

Apilio's building blocks

Meet the components used to create your routines


These store states: information from your devices and services.

For example, you can store whether you are at home or at work. If it's currently daytime or nighttime... This information is then used by the rest of the logic configuration.


These are questions we ask our variables to check their status: are you home? Are you at work? Is it daytime or nighttime?

Depending on the answer to the condition, Apilio goes ahead running a specific routine.


These define the logic of your routine: they include all the actions Apilio should fire out if the conditions are met.

Are you currently at work and it is daytime? You could have a logicblock that lowers your home heating to save energy.

Works on the cloud

Logic as a service

You won't need to buy a physical hub to use Apilio: it works completely on the cloud!

Thanks to our platform integrations, you'll be able to combine your smart devices and services to create logic just how you want it.

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Here's what you can do with apilio

Easy-to-use features that help you create the smart home of your dreams

Add delays to IFTTT

If this then that and, 30 minutes later, that.

Control the timing of your actions. You can even specify individual delays for each one them.

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Multiple actions and triggers

If this and this and this, then that and that.

Your logicblocks can combine multiple triggers and actions to create bespoke routines. Get all your devices talking to one another!

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Complex IFTTT conditions

If this and this or this and this, then that.

Truly custom routines should take into account many different variables. Now you can create bespoke logic to fire your routine just when you want it to.

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Special execution modes

Apilio can let you know before it runs your logic so you'll be warned a routine is about to get executed, or even give you the option to acknowledge a routine before it gets started.

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Set it and forget it

Let Apilio take care of your smart home automations

Apilio is low-maintenance and reliable: set up your custom logic and it will continue to run on the cloud, seamlessly powering all your automations.

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A great addition to IFTTT

Fully integrated

More than 600 brands are integrated with IFTTT, including Apilio.

With our service, you can create powerful custom logic that makes all these brands' devices work in concert.

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