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Per month

Plan with expert features

✓ 10 logicblocks
✓ Up to 50 variables and conditions

All features included in Essential plan
Plus the following features:
✓ Latest month of event logs
✓ Passing additional values to IFTTT
✓ Complex condition linking
✓ Execution modes
✓ CSV export of event logs
✓ Cron time conditions
✓ 300 e-mail notifications per month



Per month

Plan with expert features

✓ 50 logicblocks
✓ Up to 50 variables and conditions

Same features as the Advanced plan



Per month

Plan with expert features

✓ 250 logicblocks
✓ Up to 250 variables and conditions

Same features as the Advanced plan



Per month

Plan with base features

✓ 3 logicblocks
✓ Up to 50 variables and conditions

And features:
✓ Action delays  
✓ Integrated with IFTTT
✓ Integrated with Tuya (Smart Life)
✓ Integrated with Philips Hue
✓ Webhook actions
✓ Latest week of event logs
✓ 50 e-mail notifications per month



Per month

Plan with base features

✓ 10 logicblocks
✓ Up to 50 variables and conditions

Same features as the Essential plan

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Love what you made. This solved my issues with just two variables, two conditions, and one logic block.

Now, I can automatically track if my mom whom is getting older, forgets to take her daily medications, and send a text alerting her and some family an hour after she was to have taken it. Button on her phone back to a google sheet shuts down the SMS trigger.

Domenic G (Seattle, United States)

I was able to tackle many of the things that have been irking me in the Alexa app so far.

I love the complicated options I have available to me. Alexa just simplifies everything too much.

Joe M. (Highland Park, United States)

Thanks for the work you do on Apilio. I discovered it yesterday and have used it so I could get my 7 year old twins light to turn off automatically after 10mins (using a Google Home voice command).

Works like a charm. So just wanted to pass on my appreciation for all of your efforts and for making your tool available. Thanks!

PatnKat G. (Sydney, Australia)

Questions & Answers

What is a logicblock?

A logicblock is a combination of conditions and actions you create on Apilio to automate something. The conditions set what needs to be happening in order to execute the actions in the logicblock. For example, a condition could be that it must be nighttime, or that the temperature outside is lower than 20ºC. The actions are what the logicblock accomplishes: turn on a smart light bulb, turn off your AC...

How frequently does Apilio deal with my events?

All plans will send/process events every second, if your rate is higher than this we might have to pause the offending Logicblock to investigate the situation. We’ll be in touch if that’s the case to make sure things are ok.

The trial is too short for me, I need more time

We are happy to extend your trial, just get in touch and we will extend it for you 🙂

Will you start charging when the trial is up?

No, you won’t be charged unless you choose to subscribe to one of the plans. You don’t need to provide a credit card to start your 21-day free trial.

What happens if I don’t subscribe after the trial?

Your account will be inactive. It can remain inactive for a month. After this time, we’ll delete it.

What happens if I don’t renew my plan?

Your account will be deactivated when your plan expires: it will stop receiving updates from and triggering actions in IFTTT. We will keep your configuration and information for 1 month in case you want to subscribe again, so you can continue right where you left it. You can also delete your account yourself before that 1 month is up if you’d like to.

What happens when you reach the maximum number of active logicblocks in your plan?

You can continue to create logicblocks, but they will be saved as inactive for you. You’ll have to make one of the other logicblocks inactive if you want to activate a different one, or change to a different plan. But it’s really flexible: you get to choose which logicblocks you want to keep active!

How many variables and conditions can I have?

Each plan includes a maximum number of active logicblocks, as well as a maximum number of variables and conditions. We expect you to make a fair use of Apilio, so if we detect an unusually high number of connections from/to your account, we might have to pause the offending logicblock and we’ll be in touch to make sure everything is ok.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel anytime with a just a click. Any active logicblocks or connected variables that you don’t delete will continue to be active for the remaining time that was left in your plan.

Can I get a refund?

Subscriptions are non-refundable but we can convert them into credit for a new plan if you want to downgrade/upgrade to a different tier. Get in touch if you are unsure about what your needs are and we’ll help you find the right plan for you.

We are a charity or educational establishment using Apilio

Please get in touch as we would like to try to continue to support to you if possible 😀

I have a question that was not answered here

Get in touch, we are happy to help 🙂

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