Integrations & Connectivity

Apilio is happily integrated with robust systems: IFTTT, Tuya (Smart Life) and Philips Hue. This allows our hub to receive information from a myriad different devices and services, and combine them in new, smarter ways.

Apilio also includes native webhooks interfaces to receive or send out information to interconnect indie and mainstream platforms alike.

Finally, our connectivity is complete with an easy to use REST API.

Future-proofing Apilio

Building with Matter

We are always thinking about the future of IoT and we are very excited about Matter being adopted widely by manufacturers of devices and tech brands. It will make using smart home products so much easier!

We are following new developments closely and are working on having a solution for Matter-compatible devices. Stay tuned in our Community:

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building with apilio

Get inspired by what other people are apilioing!

Apilio offers great flexibility and customization for you to automate almost anything you can imagine, and without having to write any code. You can implement accurate geofences, control your lights in a smart way, or decide when to allow for a bit of extra cooling or heating depending on the current CO2 production. Get inspired by some of our favourite use cases: 

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curated features for home automation

Features a-plenty

Apilio's features are built with home automation at the front and center, that's why we offer customizations and flexibility that no other brand can. Combine almost any brand of device out there thanks to Apilio and leverage our different features to build the smart home of your dreams, without the hassle of supporting a hub or dealing with its updates.

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