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Apilio is a powerful home automation hub that lives in the cloud. We go one step further than Google, Alexa and IFTTT routines thanks to our curated features and our dedicated team.

Apilio lets you create home automation routines, but in a much more flexible way and without having to write any code. You'll be able to set up your smart home just how you want it.


A platform built for home automation and more

Delays between actions

Specify a delay for each one of your actions in a custom routine for your home with no code.

Apilio lets you daisy-chain IFTTT applets, Tuya actions, Philips Hue actions, webhook actions, and you can setup a different delay for each action in the sequence.

Advanced execution modes

With our "warning" mode, you'll be notified before a routine runs. Perfect for those routines that are not very frequent and you'd like to be in the loop.

With the "suggestion" mode, Apilio will notify you to indicate there is a routine that could be run, but only if you authorise it. This is great for those routines that you'd like to manually control.

Multiple actions and multiple triggers

Build powerful routines that  combine all your devices and services.

With Apilio you'll be able to combine multiple triggers so your routine will execute only under your chosen conditions.

You'll also be able to run multivalent logic that controls several devices and services.

Complex condition definitions

Apilio lets you create complex conditions that combine information from different IFTTT applets and Tuya (Smart Life) device, as well as time conditions and any information you can get via our API or webhooks interfaces.

Setup a routine that runs based on a chain of different triggers, such as: if it's dark outside and you get home, turn on the kitchen lights.

Time conditions with cron expressions

Specify exactly when your logic should be executed at home. You can setup sunset/sunrise triggers, or 30 minutes before sunrise at your location for handy automations.

With cron, you can be extra specific and setup conditions that run, say, every 5 minutes or only run on the first Monday and Thursday of April and May.

Timeouts and Delays

Conditions can be fine-tuned with Apilio, allowing you control that you won't find other in mainstream platforms.

Add a timeout to reset the condition back to false after a while. This is useful for devices such as motion sensors.

Add a delay to the condition to prevent false positives in situations such as spotty WiFi signal.

Love what you made. This solved my issues with just two variables, two conditions, and one logic block. Now, I can automatically track if my mom whom is getting older, forgets to take here daily medications, and send a text alerting her and some family an hour after she was to have taken it. Button on her phone back to a google sheet shuts down the SMS trigger.

Domenic - Olympia


Easily connect your devices and services

Works with IFTTT

Apilio is like superpowers for IFTTT! Bring your smart home comfort to the next level: setup your control logic to meet your requirements without having to write any technical code.

With IFTTT's great connectivity (over 600 different devices and services) and Apilio's flexible logic you'll be able to set in motion smarter routines that bring your home to the next level of comfort.

Native integration with Tuya for realtime events

Tuya (Smart Life) offers an incredible selection of Smart products: light bulbs, power sockets and switches, plugs, temperature sensors, presence sensors, security cameras...

Apilio's integration with Tuya (Smart Life) allows you to combine your Tuya devices with any other smart devices and control them all from one single platform.

Native integration with Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a smart lighting system combining connected bulbs and a smart bridge that controls of your lighting.

You can control your Philips Hue devices from Apilio, and integrate them in your logic that combines devices and services from many other brands, all in one handy place!

Native webhooks interface

Webhooks are a flexible way of connecting devices and services out there. They are powerful and easy to setup: simply copy and paste a web address.

Many popular services use webhooks to send or receive information, such as zapier, iOS shortcuts, tasker, Locative, etc.

Apilio's REST API

The Apilio REST API is yet another way to access and update your data in Apilio. If you'd like to build your own interface or script, you'll be able to control every element in Apilio via our API.

If you are familiar with JSON responses and would like to build a very custom integration for your smart home, this is the way!

Request a feature!

Are you missing any connections here? Any service that you think Apilio should integrate with, or any new feature you've been thinking about? Head over to our community and start a new thread! We love listening to your ideas:

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Thank you for this amazing yet simple "glue" between IFTTT and the rest of my IoT world. I can have proper home automation because of your efforts!

Chuck - Michigan


Control and setup from anywhere

Persistence of states

Apilio is built for home automation, and storing in memory what your devices and services do is very important. With Apilio you can create variables that store the different statuses of your lightbulbs (are they on/off?), whether you are home or at work, etc.

Being able to use stored information and not just reacting to events happening, allows you to build richer, more custom automations.

Software as a Service

Forget about maintaining a hub, having to apply upgrades and refreshing your setup. Apilio is truly set-it-and-forget-it and the proof is in the pudding: we have users that have been with us for years and haven't had to change their setups at all.

Apilio is built as an online platform so we can reach every single person out there who thinks mainstream platforms are too simplified and don't offer enough control.

Webapp accesible from browser or mobile devices

Do your Apilioing from anywhere in the world: you just need an internet connection to access our platform from any mobile device or desktop.

We absolutely love to see what people all over the World are building with Apilio.

I just found this after working to create a smart home process that IFTTT and my other services can't fill by themselves. This is so smart, and I'm really liking it so far!

Nathan - Pennsylvania


See your devices and services in detail

Detailed log with export to CSV

Apilio tracks events in real time, to help you analyse how your home devices are being used, or for example see the evolution of a temperature sensor in your living room. 
Apilio's logs can be exported to CSV for easy analysis and manipulation with your favourite spreadsheet tool.

Tagging and Dashboard

You can tag any of your Apilio elements to group them under a specific project or room in your home, for example use "kitchen" to tag all your sensors, lights and smart speakers in this room.

You can select any important elements in Apilio, such as a specific Logicblock or device, to display on your Dashboard. This way you can closely monitor how these are doing!

Your devices in Apilio

Find all your devices in one place! Tuya (Smart Life) and Philips Hue devices are now available in Apilio to improve your visibility and control of your home setup.

Group tagging, control and many more things are coming! Stay tuned in our Community where we post regular updates.

Thanks! I was able to tackle many of the things that have been irking me in the Alexa app so far. I love the complicated options I have available to me. Alexa just simplifies everything too much.

Joe - Highland Park


Craving some examples?

With Apilio, you can use the capabilities of your existing smart home devices to build advanced automation for your smart home. Whereas other solutions often either fall short in device compatibility or lack flexibility, Apilio offers both in one package.

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