Smarter home automation

Apilio is a home automation platform that helps you connect and control smart devices from almost any brand out there

Apilio Smarter Home Automation

Powerful features

Apilio's features bring your smart home to the next level

Add delays to Smart Life, Tuya and IFTTT

And almost anything that connects to them. If this then that and, 30 minutes later, that.

Control the timing for firing your actions. You can even specify individual delays for each one them.

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Multiple actions and triggers

Not just If This Then That. Now you can do this and this, then that and that.

Your logicblocks can combine multiple triggers and actions to create bespoke routines. Get all your devices working together cross-platform!

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Complex conditions

Truly custom routines should take into account many different variables. Now you can create bespoke logic to fire your routine just when you want it to. Includes timeout conditions to avoid false sensor positives (or negatives).

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Special execution modes

Apilio can let you know before it runs your logic so you'll be warned a routine is about to get executed, or even give you the option to acknowledge a routine before it gets started.

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works with ifttt and TUYA

Apilio connects with your existing smart devices

Thanks to our connectivity through IFTTT and Tuya (Smart Life) you would have a hard time finding a non-compatible device.

With Apilio’s flexibility, you can build almost any automation scenario you can think of.

Apilio works with IFTTT

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apilio's benefits

A platform built for flexible control and more


Turning on and off a light on a schedule is easy. But what if you want to turn it on depending on the time of day and who is (or is not) at home? Apilio makes it easy.


Make your life easier with Apilio. Now your smart light bulbs play nicely with your smart thermostat and other connected devices. Everything works just the way you want.

Energy savings

Forget about getting the kids to turn off the lights at night. Keep your AC on a tight schedule based on outdoor and indoor temperature. Only turn on your heating when people are home.

How Apilio works

Quick start

Logic at your service

We have some examples and ideas to get you started. Learn more about Apilio and how you can create your custom automations following our tutorials.

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