Superpowers for IFTTT

IFTTT connects more than 600 brands of smart devices and services, including Apilio.

With IFTTT's great connectivity and Apilio's flexible logic you'll be able to set in motion smarter routines that bring your home to the next level of comfort.


Upgrade IFTTT's features with Apilio

Add delays and timers to IFTTT

If this then that and, 30 minutes later, that.

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Connect multiple IFTTT actions and triggers

If this and this and this, then that and that.

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Nested IFTTT conditions

If this and this or this and this, then that.

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Special execution modes

Get a warning before a routine runs any actions, or an alert so you can allow it to proceed.

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Superpowers with no code

Build logic without a single line of code

Combine multiple brands of services and devices by building easy connections directly on our platform.

Apilio and IFTTT team up to bring your home comfort to the next level: setup your control logic to meet your requirements without having to write any technical code.

And if you need any help getting started: get in touch! The A(pilio) team is happy to help.

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Examples to get you inspired

Apilio works great with IFTTT.
Make your home more comfortable, your work more efficient or your energy bill lower.

It's dark and I'm arriving home: turn the lights on please!

This example will turn on your foyer lights when it's dark at night, but only as you get close to your home. Perfect for making your way in safely and letting your loved ones you are almost home. Have a look at this step-by-step guide to set this up yourself:

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Reminder to stretch my legs (no hardware required)

With this routine, you'll get a gentle nudge on your work-days to remind yourself to go outside and get some air if you are still at home at 10 in the morning. It's important to not forget your breaks when you are working from home! Check out how you can set this up, you just need your Android phone for this one:

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Turn lights on at sunset, off at 23h

This example automates your home lights so they turn on at sunset automatically, and off at 23h. This is a great example to make your home a little bit more comfortable. And you can customise this further with Apilio's nested conditions. Have a look at the base example now:

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