Complex conditions for IFTTT

Apilio lets you create complex conditions that combine information from different IFTTT applets.

Setup a routine that runs based on a chain different triggers.

Nested IFTTT conditions

If this or this or this and this...

Apilio lets you store state information from your devices and services, so you can combine them in a complex chain of conditions with no coding required.

This lets you make sure that your routine runs only when specific conditions are met.

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Multiple triggers and actions

Mix your sensor and service information

When creating your complex condition you'll see just how flexible Apilio is: using multiple triggers and multiple actions is easy and you don't need to do any coding.

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Combine complex conditions with delays

Truly custom home automation

Apilio also lets you orchestrate your IFTTT actions by adding specific delays, so you can perfectly time your actions.

Combine this with complex conditions to create truly smarter routines and create your logic just how you want it.

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