Flexible execution control

Apilio can alert you before a routine is about to run so you'll be warned in advance, or give you the choice to only run it if you allow it to do so.

For those special routines, you can now choose if you want to have the final say in their execution.

Execution modes

Apilio's "warning" and "suggestion" modes

With our "warning" mode, you'll be notified before a routine runs. Perfect for those routines that are not very frequent and you'd like to be in the loop when they are about to run.

With the "suggestion" mode, Apilio will notify you to indicate there is a routine that could be run, but only if you authorise it. This is great for those routines that you'd like to manually control if you need to.

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Multiple triggers and actions too

Apilio means Logic at your service

Create custom logic with multiple triggers and actions that runs automatically, warns you or requests your permission to run.

Bring your smart automations to the next level.

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Complex conditions

Logic that runs only when you want it to

Apilio can connect data from multiple sensors and services to decide in a more accurate way when your routines should be executed.

Create nested and/or conditions without writing any code.

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