Multiple IFTTT actions and triggers

With Apilo you can orchestrate many IFTTT applets to combine multiple triggers and multiple actions.

Build powerful routines that  integrate all your devices and services.

If this and this then this and this

Custom logic just how you want it

Forget about the typical limitations found on other automation services.

With Apilio you'll be able to combine multiple triggers so your routine will execute only under your chosen conditions.

You'll also be able to run multivalent logic that controls several devices and services.

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Multiple triggers combined

Complex conditions made easy

When creating a bespoke control routine, you need to coordinate your triggers in the smartest way.

With Apilio you can run a routine when a series of conditions are met (for example, all the family is home and it is nighttime), or specify different situations when a routine should be executed.

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delay multiple IFTTT actions

Multiple actions with multiple delays

To finish creating your bespoke control routine, it's great to be able to add delays to some of your actions.

For example, Apilio might turn some lights off and, 30 minutes later, turn them off. And you can do this without any coding required.

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