Therwid - "The Release With many Delays"

I’m very happy to announce release “Therwid” (an acronym of The Release With many Delays). I gave it the name not only because of the functionality added, but because it was planned to be ready much sooner.

While the visible changes on the surface are very minor, I had to implement a lot of changes in the engine room to make it possible. These changes are also a precondition to implement a quite unique feature which I have wanted to do since a long time - but that’s another story.What does this release offer?The only visible change is an additional “Delay” field in the IFTTT-Action configuration. The name already says pretty much what it does: It delays actions.What is it good for?It allows you to build short routines. For example, you can build a sequence that not only switches a light on, but off again after a couple of minutes. Another example is the staged dimming of a light from 100% to off over a couple of hours.Check out the documentation if you want to know more.I hope you will find it useful!


December 1, 2017
Features Updates

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