Over 1.5 Million connected IoT channels on IFTTT

This week IFTTT published an interesting article with stats about the IoT on the IFTTT platform. There are many interesting numbers stated in the article but two of them caught my full attention.

1.5 Million connected IoT channels

I think the possibility to combine multiple triggers and conditions is especially valuable for IoT users!While unintended actions in the digital space are easily dismissed and reversed (e.g. a wrong photo saved), they can be annoying or costly in the real world (e.g. air conditioning running purposelessly while no one's at home).And for devices with sensors: By combining the information from multiple sensors and other inputs from the digital space you can greatly improve the correctness of the decision taken by a ruleset.This is not a theoretical scenario, as the following number demonstrates: Among those IoT users, 21% have more than one IoT Channel connected.For every one of those users, combining the inputs from multiple devices boosts the value of their personal IoT ecosystems to a whole new level.

The Swiss are most the active IoT users on IFTTT

There is a nice list of the countries with the highest IoT adoption rate on IFTTT with Switzerland at the top! 45% of Swiss IFTTT users own a connected device.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800"]


Image source: IFTTT. http://blog.ifttt.com/post/146612983078/the-internet-of-things-on-ifttt[/caption]

I wasn't expecting that Switzerland is first in this statistics, but actually it is not so surprising. The Swiss are well connected to the internet (Akamai State of the Internet Q1 2016 , Swiss broadband statistics) and IoT early adopters. Futhermore, they seem to love new technologies and expensive gadgets (like Teslas and Apple Products).​To sum all up: The birthplace of Apilio is not just coincidence.Made in Switzerland and loved around the world :-)

August 19, 2016
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