Introducing: Multiple Actions

This is one of the most requested features and it finally made it to production.With this newest release you can define up to 6 actions per Logicblock!


Just click "Add IFTTT Action" to add more actions.

Step-by-step Rollout

  1. With the latest release, new Logicblocks will already be capable of having multiple actions.
  2. In the coming days I will implement a migration script that transforms the existing Logicblocks into Multi-Action-Logicblocks
  3. And then, there's something to add later: Custom delays

Custom delays between the actions are not yet implemented because that needs some additional work in the backend. For the time being, the actions will be executed in the order as seen on the Logicblock with a short delay of 1 second (to make quite sure that IFTTT will receive them in the correct order).But rest assured, the Multi-Actions are already prepared for delay configuration and that feature will be the next!

March 14, 2017
Features Updates

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