Improvements to the login process coming

We are about to release a change in the signup and login process. There is no immediate change in functionality, but the change in the background opens the door to implement more login options soon.

Sign in with Google

You have probably noticed that since day one of Apilio, the only way to sign up and log in was through a Google account.​​The reason for that focusing was that it takes off a lot of work off a developers shoulders. No need to fight fake accounts and spammers, no sensitive passwords to handle, no "forgot my password" process to implement.


For the users, signing in with an OAuth provider like Google also means convenience and security, since Google offers many security features like multi-factor authentication.But then, of course, there are some drawbacks: Some users don't like signing in with via Google for privacy reasons, or they do not have a Google Login in the first place.

Our new authentication service

We decided to use as our new authentication service provider. While you won't see much of a difference with the initial rollout, it gives us the ability to offer you more options very soon.​One of those will be the possibility to create accounts with a username and password - so no more need for a Google account!


There's nothing you need to do. All you will notice is the new login screen appearing during sign up and login.

June 21, 2019
Features Updates

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