Handling the exception to the rule

Have you ever worried about your automation setup to do something in an unsuitable moment? Or hesitated to automate something because you think its rule would apply more often than desired? Then worry no more - Apilio will help you out!

The problem

Say you have a setup that lights up your house when you are coming home at night. You probably don’t want that to happen when you come home after a long night and your family is sleeping peacefully?Or you have an automatic watering system for your garden which set’s off in the middle of your garden party… Well, your guests at least will have a story to tell.However elaborate you automation rules are, there will always be the exception to the rule. This applies even to the most advanced AI powered systems - because even those systems cannot read your mind (luckily) or collect all data needed to foresee every exception.

The solution

A novelty on Apilio might be exactly what you have been waiting for. With the addition of different “execution modes”, Apilio now offers a way to handle the “exception to the rule”.The default mode on Apilio is still to trigger actions immediately without warning or asking you for permission. But with the modes “Warn” and “Suggest” you have more options to control the workflow.With the mode “Warn”, Apilio will send you a push notification before an action is triggered. But it does not only warn you, but it also gives you the option to intercept the actions with a single touch.


If you are even more cautious, you can use the mode “Suggest”. In this mode, Apilio become more like a helpful assistant that suggests probably fitting actions. You can accept those too with a simple touch on your smartphone.


Get more detailed information an setup instruction in the documentation for execution modes.I’m eager to see if you like this feature as much as I do!

March 9, 2018
Features Updates

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