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Apilio is a web app which connects to a vast range of devices to automate actions in your smart home. It offers connectivity through IFTTT and adds timer and delay functionality, as well as multiple actions, conditions and triggers.

Apilio helps you save energy, feel more secure and puts you in control; get things working together the way YOU want them to.

To help new users get started easier, we have added in-app helper texts to our web app with tips, information and links to relevant help articles.🎓😊. This should help you out with Boolean variables, String variables, Numeric variables, Conditions, Logicblocks and IFTTT actions. See this post on our community page for more information.

Useful helper texts guide you through the capabilities and setup of Apilio.

Apilio for Smarter Home automation. Learn more on pricing or start a free trial here.

February 24, 2020
Features Updates

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