Easier integration with IFTTT coming!

At the end of every logic you implement with Apilio there's one crucial task to do: Making a link to an IFTTT Maker Channel recipe in order to trigger any result. With the new update coming, this is going to be a lot easier!

The old method: Pasting in a complete link

To bring Apilio online as quick as possible and to keep thing simple I had decided to implement the link to IFTTT as simple as possible: A single URL field for each possible outcome (positive and negative).


While this solution is straight forward and works ok, I quickly learned that it was quite a roadblock for some users. This is the case because first you have to compose the URL by yourself and then copy it to Apilio.

The new method: All you need is the name

With the new user interface (which is currently only visible for beta testers), Apilio helps you a lot in getting this done. A prerequisite is that you save your IFTTT Maker Channel API Key on your (also new) user profile page.

Once you have stored your API key, triggering an action on IFTTT is as easy as writing down the event name of your IFTTT recipe.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="783"]


The new way of connecting to IFTTT recipes. Currently for beta testers only, but available soon for everybody![/caption]

This reduces the number of clicks and jumps to create a new setup on Apilio a lot and should be more convenient for newcomers.


The new feature is currently hidden but available for beta testers. But even after that, the existing logicblocks will continue to work just as before.If you want to try out the new feature just drop me a line so that I can give you that special "beta-tester" flag!

October 3, 2016
Features Updates

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