Boost your smart home automation with improved Apilio plans

Apilio became a subscription service in early 2020. We have many happy subscribers today that use Apilio in many different ways to control their smart devices and services. We also have an active community where we learn directly from these subscribers what logic they are creating and which every-day routines they are improving with Apilio. With our March Release, all our subscription plans have been upgraded, so now you can do even more with Apilio.

We have users who just want to reliably automate a few things around the house or workplace. For them, we have increased the number of logicblocks they had in their starter plan from 1 to 3. The new Essential Plan, with 3 logicblocks, will now also include the feature to pass on values to IFTTT through Apilio actions, as we believe this could help these users customise their logic even more. This adds on to the existing delay functionality and multiple triggers and actions that our users can implement today with Apilio.

image credits: Alexander Kirch

We also have power users who want their surroundings to be almost able to read their minds. They are building very complex and custom automations, that control for example their home heating/cooling appliances, taking into account the weather forecast, who is currently in each room and which doors and windows are open. Pretty nifty stuff! For them, we have increased the number of logicblocs from 40 to 75. The new Pro Plan should be big enough for all of you, but of course we are looking forward to hearing how you are getting ready to push this limit forward to next level of smart sophistication!  

Finally, for any new users who want to start automating things in their life today, we have introduced a new Free Plan. This plan gives access to Apilio’s basic functionality, including our fantastic IFTTT-integration that enables Apilio to control a wide selection of devices and services. The free plan must be renewed every 2 months. This is to make sure these users are still interested in keeping their free plan running.

Apilio is a virtual controller for smarter home automation that connects with your existing smart devices

Have a look at our smarter new Apilio plans and the related Q&A today. We are sure you’ll find one that suits your needs so you can boost your smart home automation! 😉

If you haven’t tried Apilio, start your free trial today and head over to our community for inspiration and support.

Apilio. Smarter home automation. Works with IFTTT.

March 12, 2020
Features Updates

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