Apilio works with Smart Life (Tuya)

Tuya Smart is a Global IoT platform that brings smart functionalities to lots of interesting gadgets and appliances. Just have a glance at the vast selection of devices in their website: you’ll find sensors, light bulbs, smart locks and cameras and many other electrical gizmos. You might also know Tuya as Smart Life, which is a very popular smarthome brand and mobile app that is able to operate many affordable, Wi-Fi controlled devices that run on the Tuya platform.

As our users know, Tuya services have now stopped operating on the IFTTT platform, and so we are providing an Apilio connection channel with Tuya.

With this new channel, you’ll be able to connect your Tuya/Smart Life devices and control them from Apilio, adding them to your custom logic.

You’ll be able to combine existing IFTTT actions with the new Smart Life actions. This means you can now create custom logic that combines multiple triggers and multiple actions, combining any brand that works with IFTTT and devices that work with Tuya. You can, as always, add delays to your action chains directly from Apilio.

We are really grateful to our users who not only requested this new channel but also to our power users who helped us beta-test it thoroughly. We’ll continue to expand our connectivity capabilities based on our users' feedback, and we are looking forward to a very connected rest of 2020!

Photo by John Barkiple on Unsplash

If you’d like to know more, we have a couple of quick guides to get you started. You will find them in our Community:

May 28, 2020
Features Updates

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