A word on the Stringify Service Shutdown

Hey Everyone! The Stringify team sent out a message on Monday 8th that the service will be shut down in June 2019. Based on the reaction of many users, that was bad news.To send a clear message, we just wanted to reassure you we're not intending to follow the same path as Stringify, so don't fear!Apilio started off as a personal project with a basic, but versatile feature set. In the last few months we have been very busy in the background, trying to determine how best to grow and support our amazing user base. In order to deliver our plans, we recently succeeded in raising funding to incorporate and build ourselves into a stable service provider you can rely upon. That's not to say there won't be changes in the future - at some stage we may have to introduce charges to keep the platform and the operation sustainable - but we will do so in a fair and transparent way that keeps the Apilio community making amazing things happen, when they're supposed to and how they're supposed to.If you have any comments or questions it would be great if you could put them on our discussion forum, so everyone can follow the discussion. But of course you can always use the other channels available.Philipp

April 11, 2019
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