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Apilio is a home automation platform that helps you connect and control smart devices from almost any brand out there

Apilio Smarter Home Automation

what you can setup with apilio

Flexible control for the smarter home


Keep lights 5 minutes after sunset if someone is detected

If your motion sensor detects someone and it is dark outside, turn the lights on and keep them on as long as someone is there.

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Control temperature and humidity in an Airbnb

Automate climate control at your Airbnb to keep it comfy for your guests, reduce manual operation and minimize your energy consumption for the property.

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Thanks for the service as it currently is - there's no way I could pull this off with raw IFTTT, but with a little ingenuity here I should be able to get pretty close!

O J Chase

More than necessarily happy that I've hacked my TP-Link outside light to switch on automatically if it's after sunset when I arrive home...with a little help from @IFTTT and @apilio_io


Just wanted to say that I saw your tool linked in a forum discussing ways to better use IFTTT. After some trial and error, I must say that it works great. I thank you so much for this tool, as it scratches my itch for a more robust automation system than IFTTT offers. My only problem is that I now want to purchase more smart devices and figure out how to use them all.

J Faust


Apilio's features let you fly to the moon without building the rocket first

Add delays to Smart Life, Tuya and IFTTT

And almost anything that connects to them. If this then that and, 30 minutes later, that.

Multiple actions and triggers

Not just If This Then That. Now you can do this and this, then that and that.

Complex conditions

Create bespoke logic: if I am home and my partner is home and it is after sunset, then turn on the lights in the living room.

Special execution modes

Apilio can let you know before it runs your logic so you'll be warned a routine is about to happen.

Integrates devices via APIs

If building custom scripts is your jam, you'll be able to fully control Apilio via our REST API.

Integrates devices via webhooks

Any service that uses webhooks to send or receive information can be connected to Apilio.

Persistence of states

What makes Apilio special! Save device and service information so you can make better conditions for your automations.

Detailed log with export to CSV

Apilio saves all real time events so you can go back in time and see how things are going.


Be connected

Thanks to our connectivity through IFTTT, you would have a hard time finding a device that isn't compatible with Apilio. With Apilio’s flexibility, you can build almost any automation scenario you can think of.

Connectivity and Integrations

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